Community Sunday: July 16 at 9:45am

This week’s worship service is Community Sunday, our annual celebration of the blessings and gifts of our community. Three community members—John Gahan, Calvin Henderson, and Amelia Brown—will offer reflections on the scripture readings for the day and their experiences of faith. Rev. Dr. Bill McKinney will lead us in a ceremony of remembrance in which we honor and remember friends and family who died in the past year. Craigville ministers Rev. Joanne Hartunian and Rev. Eric Henderson will offer prayers. Kendra Henderson will lead us in contemporary praise songs, and Ginny Henderson will accompany us as we sing favorite hymns such as “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” and “How Great Thou Art.”

Community Sunday is one of our favorite services of the year. The people of Craigville hold many talents and experiences, and this celebration of our life together will highlight the wisdom and memories in our midst. We have a lot to thank God for!

“Jesus, Remember Me.” Worship on Sunday, July 9 at 9:45am

As we continue to reflect upon our call to “draw the circle wide” this Sunday, we turn to themes of repentance, forgiveness, and acceptance. Craigville resident Rev. Dr. Dianne Carpenter will preside and preach a sermon titled “Hung Out to Dry” based on Luke 23:39-43, in which Jesus promises paradise to a repentant thief on the cross. The thief’s earnest request in this passage, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom,” inspired a popular Taizé song that is often sung in both Catholic and Protestant churches on Good Friday. We will sing this hymn (one of my favorites!) as part of our worship.

We continue to enjoy an abundance of musical gifts during our services. Ginny Henderson will play the organ, leading us in the hymns “Lift High the Cross” and “Draw the Circle Wide.” Local singer-songwriter Dawna Hammers, whose music focuses on world peace and unity, will share reflective music, including two original songs. Join us for another service of beautiful music, stirring preaching, and divine grace!

Rev. Dr. Ed Deyton’s Sermon and Music

As was stated in our last post, Rev. Dr. Ed Deyton gave a wonderful sermon  and also provided our music at our service yesterday. Here is the recording of the reading by Rodger Hansen and the sermon. If you keep listening you will hear two songs from our service. The first is called “Make me and Instrument”. The second song is called “How Beautiful are the Feet”. Both songs are written by Rev. Dr. Ed Deyton. Enjoy!

Original Song Lyrics

What an exciting morning of praise and wisdom! Special thanks to Rev. Dr. Ed Deyton for his music and preaching, Rev. Dr. Bill McKinney for offering prayers, and the worship folk band Barth and the Dogmatics for helping lead our singing. We appreciated how quickly the congregation learned today’s sacred songs and sang out with gusto.

We received a few requests for the music that we sang today. Several of the songs (including We’ve Always Done It Like That, Make Me an Instrument, and Left Handed, Right Handed) have been recorded by Ed Deyton and are available to download through iTunes, Google Play, or CD Baby. You can also stream them on Spotify.

Two of the songs we sang today have not been recorded, so we are printing the lyrics below. Note that these are copyrighted by Rev. Ed Deyton.

“Draw the Circle Wide”

There’s a circle in the shape of life. It’s not in a straight line.
There’s a circle in the shape of life put there by God’s design.
There’s a circle in the shape of life. It cannot be denied.
There’s a circle in the shape of life. Draw the circle wide.


Draw the circle wide, because the world is turning.
Draw the circle wide, for love that’s always burning.
Draw the circle wide, it’s all about forgiving.
Draw the circle wide, it’s a better way of living.

There’s a circle in the seasons when summer follows spring.
There’s a circle in the seasons and harvest offering.
There’s a circle in the seasons; we live it day by day.
There’s a circle in the seasons, so we should always say: Refrain

“Never Going to Pass this Way Again”
You can travel with the ragged. You can travel with the meek.
You can travel with the mighty if their company you seek.
You can travel looking forward or just back to where you’ve been,
But you’re never going to pass this way again.

Back when Eve along with Adam walked beyond the garden gate,
There was Cain condemned to wander being punished for his hate.
There were poets, there were preachers, and a prophet now and then,
And they’re never going to pass that way again.

There were Abraham and Sarah moving to a foreign land.
There was Moses in the desert with his timid little band.
There was Pilgrim making progress as he struggled with his sin,
And they’re never going to pass that way again.

If a child can come to lead us, we can find a better way.
If we learn to trust each other, it will bring a better day.

You can travel in a motor car, or jump aboard a train.
You can travel with a joyful heart or packing all your pain.
You can take account of all your loss and keep a hope to win,
But you’re never going to pass this way again.

Praising God in Original Music: Sunday, July 2 at 9:45am

This Sunday, July 2 at 9:45am, Rev. Dr. Ed Deyton will lead us in a service of original music. A longtime Craigville community member, Rev. Ed is a talented church folk rock musician. You can find some of his recordings here. He composed several original selections for this service, including a congregational song expressing our summer theme, “Draw the Circle Wide.” Members of the community will join him in playing and singing these selections.

Rev. Ed will preach a sermon titled “What the Definition of ‘Is’ Is” based on Galatians 3:23-29. He will also present a children’s message, and Edward Dunar will lead the children in a sacred craft activity during the sermon.

We hope to see you there!

Listen to Rev. Eric Henderson’s Sermon

Every Sunday at the Tabernacle is filled with the spirit of God but that spirit comes in many forms. Because we have a different preacher for each service, the Word of God is seen through different perspectives for the congregation to reflect on. This summer we wanted to make sure those beyond the Tabernacle’s porous walls can listen to these unique voices. To that end, we are recording our sermons and will be posting them here every week.

Yesterday, Rev. Eric Henderson gave a beautiful sermon on our opening Sunday. The reading was Acts 2:1-13: the Pentecost story. Rev. Henderson’s sermon was titled “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”. As a side note, you will hear Rev. Henderson, at the beginning of the recording, speak about the robes he’s wearing. These robes were given to him by the family of Rev. Carl Schultz, a beloved Reverend, CCMA President, and member of our community. It was especially touching to those who knew Carl to see Rev. Henderson preach in Carl’s robes in his beloved Tabernacle.

2017 Summer Preachers!

We are excited to announce our preachers for this summer! This year, we’ll hear from a range of voices, familiar and new, from a variety of denominations and types of ministry.

  • June 25: Rev. Eric Henderson
  • July 2: Rev. Dr. Ed Deyton
  • July 9: Rev. Dr. Dianne Carpenter
  • July 16: Community Preaching
  • July 23: Edward Dunar, M.Div.
  • July 30: Rev. Linda Michel
  • August 6: Rev. Christopher Whiteman
  • August 13: Rev. Zach Kerzee
  • August 20: Lighthouse of Faith
  • August 27: Rev. Dr. Bruce Epperly

Catholic Mass at 5 p.m. on July 15 and August 19

We hope that you’ll be able to join us!

Looking Forward to Summer!

Our season begins in just three weeks! On Sunday, June 25 at 9:45am, Rev. Eric Henderson will help us open our summer of worship together. Stay tuned for more information about the season in the weeks to come!

Closing Our Season Together: Sunday, August 28 at 9:45am

This Sunday, August 28 at 9:45am, the community from South Congregational Church will continue the tradition of helping us close our season. Rev. Dr. Bruce Epperly will preach a sermon titled “Tell Us a Story: Ruth, Nehemiah, and a Young Girl’s Dream,” based on Ruth 1:1-18; 4:13-22. Pam Wannie will accompany our congregational singing, and Brian Billiter and Pam McLane will share a special music selection. Join us for our community’s last worship service of the summer.