Service on Sunday, July 27 at 9:45am

This summer, we have been blessed with beautiful and stirring music during our services at the Tabernacle. We are so lucky to have such talented organists, musicians, and singers in our community. As we move forward together on our faith pilgrimage this summer, lively music helps us to focus our minds and hearts on God and calls attention to the movement of the spirit in our midst.

This weekend, we are lucky to have an extra dose of music during our 9:45am service on Sunday. The Massachusetts UCC Adult Music Camp will lend their voices for three selections during the service, Wayne Tooker will provide contemplative music, and Diane Carpenter will play the organ.

Rev. Richard Grobe will preach a sermon titled “On the Wrong Plane.” Rev. Grobe is the founder and president of ServCorps, which draws upon its members’ experience in construction to build and rehabilitate housing in Hartford, Connecticut and in disaster stricken communities around the country and world. Craigville has benefited from the generous assistance of ServCorps for the past five years, as well as from Rev. Grobe’s friendly presence as a vacationer in the village for many years.

The spirit is moving in the Tabernacle this summer!