Evening Worship this Sunday, August 24 at 7pm

Sunset is arriving a little earlier each day, and the evenings are beginning to feel a bit chilly. We stand in awe of God’s creation as we face the movement of the seasons. As the psalmist writes, “God made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down” (Psalm 104). Even as the summer begins to draw to a close, the Tabernacle continues to be a place of grace, energy, comfort, and challenge.

This weekend, there will be two opportunities for worship in the village. First, the Tabernacle is hosting a Catholic Mass on Saturday, August 23 at 5pm. The Tabernacle is a sacred “thin place” that is open to all members of our community, and we’re pleased to give Catholic members of the village the chance to worship here. Special thanks to Ed Lynch for organizing the Mass.

Second, we are holding an evening worship service in the Tabernacle on Sunday, August 24 at 7pm. As the sun sets, we will gather for prayer and praise. Rev. Paige Fischer will preach for us. Kate McKey-Dunar will provide contemporary worship music on her guitar.

For those who still want to meet at our usual worship time at 9:45am, we will hold a brief Anglican-style morning service at that time.

The Tabernacle is open to all seekers of truth and people of faith.