Preparing for Sunday’s Service

One way to make your participation in worship more fulfilling and meaningful is to prayerfully prepare ahead of time. Pray with the readings and the hymns and look forward to praying with the community on Sunday.

This week’s readings: (Want to reflect upon these readings in a group setting? Join us for Outdoor Bible Study):

  • Psalm 145:10-18 (The psalmist marvels at God’s great works, such as the justice and faithfulness God shows through all generations)
  • John 6:1-13 (Jesus feeds five thousand people, starting with just five loaves and two fish)

This week’s hymns (United Methodist Hymnal):

Preparing for this week: Read Psalm 145 in its entirety. It is notable that we will hear parts of this psalm both in the Call to Worship that we have been using all summer and in the scripture readings for this Sunday. Reflect upon the blessings that God has granted in your life. Say a prayer of gratitude for these blessings.