Preparing for Sunday’s Service

One way to make your participation in worship more fulfilling and meaningful is to prayerfully prepare ahead of time. Pray with the readings and the hymns and look forward to praying with the community on Sunday.

This week’s readings: (Want to reflect upon these readings in a group setting? Join us for Outdoor Bible Study):

  • Ephesians 4:1-16 (Paul encourages the community to seek unity and build up others in love)
  • John 6:24-35 (Jesus reveals that he is the Bread of Life)

This week’s hymns (United Methodist Hymnal):

Preparing for this week: It is appropriate that we are thinking so much about nourishment this summer alongside our theme, “God of All Generations.” It is often around food where we create treasured memories, pass down traditions, and share wisdom across the generations in our own lives. This week, take time to savor and appreciate a meal that you share with loved ones. Reflect upon the ways in which this meal feeds not only the body, but also the spirit.