Worship This Sunday at 9:45am: Community Preaching Sunday

This Sunday in the Tabernacle, we’re trying something new. As part of our summer theme, we have been reflecting on the truth that members of the community of all ages have unique perspectives and gifts of the Holy Spirit. In recognition of these gifts of the community, three lay preachers will be sharing brief reflections about our summer theme and the scripture readings for the day.

On Sunday, July 19 at 9:45am, we will celebrate Community Preaching Sunday. Community members Sharon Carpenter and Roger Hansen will preach for us. Annie Underwood has sent us a written reflection that will be read aloud. Rev. Richard Grobe, the founder of ServCorps, will preside over our service as we meditate upon the blessings of the varied gifts of our community. Ginny Henderson will join us for her last week as organist, and Tom Goux will provide special music.

As you support our lay preachers and learn from their wisdom, I encourage you to consider whether you might want to be a lay preacher during a future Community Preaching Sunday. Preparing and delivering a sermon is not only an intensive way of engaging scripture, but also an opportunity to reflect upon God’s work in your life and your mission as a disciple of Jesus Christ.