A Welcome to Communion

These are the words that Rev. Joanne Hartunian spoke before Holy Communion yesterday. I found her introduction striking because it acknowledges that Communion is intertwined with painful memories for some. God doesn’t ask us to forget these memories, but to notice them and trust in the divine promise of healing.

Here is the introduction:

This table is open to members of this community of faith, all members of other communities of faith, and all who wish to receive the bread of life and cup of salvation through Holy Communion.

Jesus calls us, and you are welcome.

We strive to be a community where all people can recognize and experience Jesus Christ, present and alive, and can extend love and support to each other. We seek to grow spiritually through faith, and we come before this table as did the disciples when they sat with our Lord at the Last Support.

Let us now, quietly, in this thin space, allow our hearts to be transformed, healed, and strengthened by Christ as we bring all that we are to His table. If in this quiet you should remember something painful, such as being hurt by someone or past sin, it is a sign that the Lord is calling you to remember and to be healed by the presence and power of Jesus’s forgiveness. Be at peace.