Closing Worship This Sunday at 9:45am: “Will the Circle be Unbroken?”

Another summer of grace in the Tabernacle is coming to a close. Throughout, we’ve paid special attention to the theme of generations. We’ve shared intergenerational wisdom, we’ve celebrated the children in our midst, and we’ve reflected upon the generations to come. This week, Rev. Dr. Bruce Epperly will help us draw these things together with a sermon titled “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

This Sunday, August 30 at 9:45am, the community from South Congregational Church will continue the tradition of helping us close our season. John Dirac & Friends and the Craigville Shores Gospel Choir will provide music, and the community will sing a bluegrass medley under the direction of Pam Wannie. The service will be a spirited way to give thanks for our summer together.

It takes many hands to create meaningful worship. Members of the community ushered, proclaimed the Word of God, provided beautiful flower arrangements, contributed feedback and ideas, and supported the community with heartfelt prayers and steadfast presence. Thank you! The Tabernacle is such a special “thin place” because so many faithful people are generous with their time, resources, and love. And, of course, we owe the greatest gratitude to our magnificent God, from whom all blessings flow.