Preparing for Sunday’s Service

One way to make worship more fulfilling and meaningful is to prayerfully prepare ahead of time. Pray with the readings and the hymns for this week and look forward to worshiping with the community on Sunday.

This week’s readings: (Want to reflect upon these readings with a group? Join us for Outdoor Bible Study):

  • Luke 5:1-3 (Jesus teaches the crowd from a boat before calling the first disciples)
  • Revelation 21:1-6 (God reveals the new heaven and new earth)

This week’s hymns:

Preparing for this week: Throughout the summer, we have been reflecting upon the theme of generations. We have prayed for our family members, we have shared wisdom and stories, and we have cherished the children among us. For this week’s reflection, we are looking forward. Many of the children in our midst will someday be parents and grandparents. New generations will rise, and God will continue to speak to them and guide them. This week, think of one prayer you wish to lift up for future generations.