Worship This Sunday at 9:45am: “Stay the Course”

Throughout the season, visitors to the Retreat Center and the village have enriched our worship. We’ve been joined by families celebrating their reunions, churches undertaking retreats, and groups like the Adult Music Camp sharing their talents with us.

This Sunday at 9:45am, we will celebrate another treasured collaboration as the community from the Lighthouse of Faith in Christ from Brockton, MA joins us for another summer. The Rev. Dayan Johnson will preach a sermon titled “Stay the Course.” Ginny Henderson will play the organ, the Voices of Faith choir will lead us in song, and Elisabeth Dorsey will help us meditate on God’s word through a liturgical dance.

This year, Rev. Dayan is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her ordination, and the Lighthouse of Faith is celebrating the 23rd anniversary of its founding. Give Rev. Dayan a word of congratulations when you see her! Incidentally, this is the 10th year that the Lighthouse of Faith community has joined us in Craigville.

See you on Sunday!