Quiet Prayer and Boisterous Joy: Sunday, July 3 at 9:45am

Our season is off to a spirited start! Last Sunday, Rev. Dr. Herb Davis helped us kick off our season with a sermon about being open to the Holy Spirit’s surprising movements of love in our lives. On Sunday, July 3 at 9:45am, we continue our summer worship with Rev. Bonnie Fackre-Cochise. Bonnie is serving as our child minister this summer, but she also has many years of experience as a Lutheran pastor. In a sermon titled “Somber Sinners, Silly Saints,” she will explore the role of joy and humor in our lives of faith.

This Sunday, Kathleen Warren will share the sounds of singing bowls with us. These bowls, of various sizes and tones, make sounds that help direct the mind to the present and focus the heart on the presence of God. Although bowls are most frequently associated with Buddhist meditation, they also have a long, rich history in Christian monasteries as aids for prayer and contemplation. The use of bowls is becoming increasingly common in Christian worship throughout the United States, particularly in congregations with many Vietnamese members.

Sunday’s service will include moments of joyful boisterousness and quiet prayer. We need both silence and joyful noise in our spiritual lives. We need activity and rest, action and contemplation, active service and quiet prayer. We find God both in the busyness of daily life and moments of relaxation and quiet.

We continue to offer activities for children starting at 9:30am. Whatever your spiritual path or connection to the community, I hope you feel welcome in the Tabernacle.