Tell Me a Story

On Sunday, June 26th at 9:45am, we gather for Homecoming Sunday. Following tradition, the beloved Rev. Dr. Herb Davis will lead our opening worship as we begin to enjoy another season of grace together. Watch this site and our Facebook page for more information about our season as we approach Homecoming Sunday.

This year, our theme is “Tell Me a Story.” We will be thinking about the ways in which stories help us grow into better disciples. Each of us has a unique life story, with twists and turns that brought us joy, pain, and wisdom. When we tell these stories, we bear witness to God’s presence in our lives. As a community, we share a heritage. When we tell our community’s story, we realize our shared mission of love and service. Our faith shares the story of Jesus Christ, who walked among us as a human being, faced death because he stayed true to his mission, and triumphed through resurrection. When we tell this story, we learn to live our lives with greater freedom as we bring God blessings to others.

In addition to our Sunday worship, we will tell stories through gatherings throughout the summer. We will share memories of loved ones who have died during the Service of Memory. Through Bible study and morning prayer, we will reflect on stories ancient and new as we try to hear God’s voice today. And throughout the summer, we will create some new joyful stories. I look forward to hearing yours!