Beautifying the Tabernacle: Twenty Years Later…

[The following is an article from the July 15 issue of the Craigville Chronicle]

In 1996, a group of volunteers formed the Craigville Village Green Committee. They worked with a landscape architect to plan improvements to the Green and raised $30,000 from residents and CCMA members. The board contributed another $20,000. We have all been beneficiaries of those changes ever since.

At the time, the head of the Worship Committee opposed some of the plans for the Tabernacle grounds, but he did agree to the benches and flagstones that were installed at the entrance. In addition, five donated trees were planted in memory or honor of friends and family. Those trees failed because of a lack of water. Several years later, they were replaced and failed again.

When the Roads and Parks Committee met last summer, three members of the original Village Green Committee, Julie Gavitt, Sheila Lahey, and Myra Gooding, formed a sub-committee called “Tab Rehab.” They returned to the original plans the landscape architect had drawn up. A proposal to complete the unfinished portion of the plan was approved by the CCMA board in September. CCMA will split the costs with the Cottage Owners Association.

The work will involve planting native plants and clearing out overgrown bushes. The changes will enhance what many consider the most important building in the village. The triangle is also very overgrown and will be renovated. Any plantings of donated trees would not be successful without irrigation, so that will also been included. The beds of lilies leading to the Tabernacle will remain. Scott Linhares, who worked with his father, Frank, on the original Green renovation in 1996, is in charge of the final completion of the original plan.

Work began on Monday, July 28.