Listen to Rev. Eric Henderson’s Sermon

Every Sunday at the Tabernacle is filled with the spirit of God but that spirit comes in many forms. Because we have a different preacher for each service, the Word of God is seen through different perspectives for the congregation to reflect on. This summer we wanted to make sure those beyond the Tabernacle’s porous walls can listen to these unique voices. To that end, we are recording our sermons and will be posting them here every week.

Yesterday, Rev. Eric Henderson gave a beautiful sermon on our opening Sunday. The reading was Acts 2:1-13: the Pentecost story. Rev. Henderson’s sermon was titled “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”. As a side note, you will hear Rev. Henderson, at the beginning of the recording, speak about the robes he’s wearing. These robes were given to him by the family of Rev. Carl Schultz, a beloved Reverend, CCMA President, and member of our community. It was especially touching to those who knew Carl to see Rev. Henderson preach in Carl’s robes in his beloved Tabernacle.