What a Talented Community!

Last weekend was a beautiful tribute to the blessings of Craigville. John Gahan, Calvin Henderson, and Amelia Brown each offered powerful reflections about faith, community, and the scriptures for the day. Rev. Dr. Bill McKinney led us in a ceremony of remembrance to honor friends and family who died in the past year. Together, we raised our voices in prayer and song to praise our God of blessings. The evening before, we had record turnout for Mass offered by Msgr. John A. Perry, with uplifting music led by Kendra Henderson and Julie Pinto.

Overall, the weekend offered a reminder of how many people make our ministries possible through their gifts of time, talent, and contributions. Thank you for all that you to help us praise God and serve our neighbors.

Speaking of talents, be sure to stop by the Tabernacle this Friday at 6pm for our talent show! Perhaps you sing, play an instrument, tell funny jokes, write poignant poems, or know a few tricks of illusion. We hope that you’ll share these gifts with the community. Last-minute sign-ups are more than welcome—just arrive a few minutes early so we can add you to the schedule. At the beginning of the evening, we will serve pizza along with some snacks.