Thank You!

Thanks to all who contributed to our work in the Tabernacle this summer, whether through financial contributions, steadfast prayers, or service as readers, greeters, and ushers. Thanks to all of the preachers and musicians who helped us explore our season theme as we continued to grow in our relationship with God.

The Religious Activities and Tabernacle Committee continues to practice proactive and wise leadership. Every member of the committee has been a joy to work with! This year, our committee members included: Rev. Joanne Hartunian (Chair), Sally Buffington, Lisa Brown, Barbara Gates, Myra Gooding, Nancy Hansen, Ginny Henderson, Roger Hansen, Linda McKinney, and Lee Williams.

We would also like to thank:

  • The ordained ministers of our Tabernacle community who helped fill in gaps on a week-to-week basis by offering presiding prayers for services and programs (often at the last minute) and contributing wisdom and insight throughout the season: Rev. Joanne Hartunian, Rev. Eric Henderson, and Rev. Dr. Bill McKinney.
  • Ginny Henderson, who served as our organist for half the summer and helped make our services more cohesive during worship planning.
  • Our Tabernacle facilities subcommittee, led energetically by Myra Gooding, which made substantial progress on building improvements and made our bench morning a success.
  • Nancy Vester and Myra Gooding for beautiful flower arrangements.
  • The Hansens and the Goodings, who regularly lent their cars for Tabernacle business.
  • Jim Lane and Cathy Carpenter, who orchestrated deposits of our offerings and helped with all sorts of administrative details.
  • Fran Lahey, Lee Williams, Julie Pinto, and Kendra Henderson, who provided logistical and musical leadership for our Catholic Masses.
  • Cynthia and John Diggs and the kitchen staff for preparing delicious cookies, coffee, and refreshments for coffee hour.

Of course, this list is quite incomplete. There are so many other volunteers who deserve our gratitude. The Tabernacle is successful because of the love and dedication of the entire community.