A Morning of Musical Offerings: Sunday, July 24 at 9:45am

Every year, the Massachusetts UCC Adult Music Camp gathers in Craigville to enjoy a long weekend on retreat making beautiful music. For many years, they have shared their music with us on Sunday morning.

This Sunday, July 24 at 9:45am, we will continue this beloved tradition as the Music Camp joins us for worship. Rev. Linda Michel, pastor of First Congregational Church in Princeton MA and co-dean of the Music Camp, will preach a sermon titled “Knock, Knock.” Music Camp organist Kathy Marks will accompany our congregational singing. In addition to selections from Music Camp attendees, the service will include special music by Catherine Joy Parke. It will be a morning of offering beautiful music to God, the most Masterful Musician of all.

As always, programs for children begin at 9:30am. If you want to hear more from the Adult Music Camp, they will provide a full concert in the Tabernacle at 3:30pm that afternoon.

Our scripture readings will include Job 14:7-15 and Luke 11:1-11. Together as a congregation, we will sing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” (UMH 140 | Music | Recording) and “Every Time I Feel the Spirit” (UMH 404 | Music | Recording).

Beautifying the Tabernacle: Twenty Years Later…

[The following is an article from the July 15 issue of the Craigville Chronicle]

In 1996, a group of volunteers formed the Craigville Village Green Committee. They worked with a landscape architect to plan improvements to the Green and raised $30,000 from residents and CCMA members. The board contributed another $20,000. We have all been beneficiaries of those changes ever since.

At the time, the head of the Worship Committee opposed some of the plans for the Tabernacle grounds, but he did agree to the benches and flagstones that were installed at the entrance. In addition, five donated trees were planted in memory or honor of friends and family. Those trees failed because of a lack of water. Several years later, they were replaced and failed again.

When the Roads and Parks Committee met last summer, three members of the original Village Green Committee, Julie Gavitt, Sheila Lahey, and Myra Gooding, formed a sub-committee called “Tab Rehab.” They returned to the original plans the landscape architect had drawn up. A proposal to complete the unfinished portion of the plan was approved by the CCMA board in September. CCMA will split the costs with the Cottage Owners Association.

The work will involve planting native plants and clearing out overgrown bushes. The changes will enhance what many consider the most important building in the village. The triangle is also very overgrown and will be renovated. Any plantings of donated trees would not be successful without irrigation, so that will also been included. The beds of lilies leading to the Tabernacle will remain. Scott Linhares, who worked with his father, Frank, on the original Green renovation in 1996, is in charge of the final completion of the original plan.

Work began on Monday, July 28.

Community Sunday: July 17 at 9:45am

This Sunday, July 17 at 9:45am, we will celebrate our second annual Community Sunday. We’re blessed to belong to a faith community with so many gifts, so we are setting apart a Sunday to praise God for all we share.

The service will feature preaching from two lay members of the Tabernacle community, Pam Danforth and Barbara Gates. We will also take part in a service of memory for loved ones who have died in the past year. The service will include music from Kendra and Ginny Henderson and prayers from Rev. Joanne Hartunian, Rev. Eric Henderson, and Rev. Dr. Bill McKinney. Come and join us as we worship God in community.

Want to prepare for worship this Sunday? I find it helpful to pray with the scriptures and hymns of the service ahead of time. Our scripture reading will be Matthew 7:24-29, the parable of the wise and foolish builders. As a congregation, we will sing How Great Thou Art (Music | Recording); and Blessed Be the Tie that Binds (Music | Recording).

Catholic Mass: Saturday, July 16 at 5pm

The Craigville Tabernacle is pleased to continue our long-time tradition of hosting a Roman Catholic Mass twice each summer. Join us for Mass this Saturday, July 16 at 5pm. Members of the Craigville community will provide music, with Ellen Cardarelli at the piano and Julie Pinto leading us in song.

Special thanks to Fran Lahey, Lee Williams, and the staff at Our Lady of Victory Parish for making this Mass possible.

Telling It Slant: Sunday, July 10 at 9:45am

Our season of worship, prayer, and stories continues this Sunday, July 10 at 9:45am. Rev. Mark Edington, director of Amherst College Press and pastor of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Newton, MA, will preach a sermon titled “Telling It Slant.” Local singer-songwriter Dawna Hammers will provide music, and Ginny Henderson will accompany us on the organ. Children’s programs, led by Tabernacle Child Minister Rev. Bonnie Fackre-Cochise, begin at 9:30am.

Whatever your connection to the Craigville community or path of faith, we hope you feel welcomed, challenged, and sustained in the Craigville Tabernacle.

Preparing for Sunday

Spending some time with the scriptures and hymns for the coming week is a great way to make Sunday morning worship a more prayerful experience.

This week’s readings:

  • 2 Kings 5:1-14 (Naaman is cured of leprosy)
  • Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 (Jesus appoints seventy disciples to travel to proclaim the Gospel. He proclaims, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”)

Icon of the Seventy Disciples

This week’s hymns:

  • I Love to Tell the Story (United Methodist Hymnal #156) (Music | Recording)
  • There’s Something About that Name (UMH #171) (Recording)

Quiet Prayer and Boisterous Joy: Sunday, July 3 at 9:45am

Our season is off to a spirited start! Last Sunday, Rev. Dr. Herb Davis helped us kick off our season with a sermon about being open to the Holy Spirit’s surprising movements of love in our lives. On Sunday, July 3 at 9:45am, we continue our summer worship with Rev. Bonnie Fackre-Cochise. Bonnie is serving as our child minister this summer, but she also has many years of experience as a Lutheran pastor. In a sermon titled “Somber Sinners, Silly Saints,” she will explore the role of joy and humor in our lives of faith.

This Sunday, Kathleen Warren will share the sounds of singing bowls with us. These bowls, of various sizes and tones, make sounds that help direct the mind to the present and focus the heart on the presence of God. Although bowls are most frequently associated with Buddhist meditation, they also have a long, rich history in Christian monasteries as aids for prayer and contemplation. The use of bowls is becoming increasingly common in Christian worship throughout the United States, particularly in congregations with many Vietnamese members.

Sunday’s service will include moments of joyful boisterousness and quiet prayer. We need both silence and joyful noise in our spiritual lives. We need activity and rest, action and contemplation, active service and quiet prayer. We find God both in the busyness of daily life and moments of relaxation and quiet.

We continue to offer activities for children starting at 9:30am. Whatever your spiritual path or connection to the community, I hope you feel welcome in the Tabernacle.

Homecoming Sunday: June 26, 9:45am

On Sunday, June 26th at 9:45am, we gather for the opening service of the summer. Craigville favorite Rev. Dr. Herb Davis will lead our worship as we begin another season of grace together. Rev. Davis will preach a sermon titled “How Deep and Wild and Wide is Your Story?” Ginny Henderson will play the organ, and Kendra Henderson will provide special music. Steve Brown will proclaim the scriptures, and Jim and Valerie Lane will greet and usher.

Our summer theme is “Tell Me a Story.” We will be reflecting on the many ways in which stories help us grow into fuller human beings and more steadfast disciples of Jesus Christ. As we begin this season, I invite you to think about the stories that shape your life. What stories inspire you? What stories do you think need to be told most urgently? What personal stories and memories do you think about most frequently?

The Tabernacle is a sacred place for all people in our community. Whether you have been coming to services for many years or have never before joined us for worship, I hope that you feel welcome to our gatherings of storytelling, hymns, and prayer.

Announcing Our Summer Preachers

We are excited to announce our preachers for this summer! This year, we’ll hear from a  range of voices, familiar and new, from a variety of denominations and types of ministry.

  • June 26 (Homecoming Sunday): Rev. Dr. Herb Davis
  • July 3: Rev. Bonnie Fackre-Cochise
  • July 10: Rev. Mark Edington
  • July 17 (Community Preaching Sunday): Lay preachers from the community
  • July 24: Rev. Linda Michel
  • July 31: Jim Robinson
  • August 7: Rev. Anthony Livolsi
  • August 14: Rev. Dayan Johnson
  • August 21: Rev. Jon Betts Fields
  • August 28: Rev. Dr. Bruce Epperly

We hope that you’ll be able to join us!

Here I Am, Lord!

Ministry is the work of all people of God, not only those entrusted with ordained leadership. Each of us is called to reflect God’s light in the world. I encourage you to think about how God is calling you to share your gifts in the community this summer. For example:

  • Are you involved with a cause on the Cape or elsewhere? Consider inviting your Craigville neighbors to get involved.
  • Do you have a gift for talking about your faith? Sign up to preach at our Community Preaching Sunday.
  • Do you like making people feel welcome? Ask us about greeting and ushering.
  • Do you enjoy working with children? Volunteer to help with children’s activities.

If you have ideas or questions about what your ministry might look like this summer, contact Edward at worshipleader@craigvilletabernacle.org.