About Us

The Craigville Tabernacle was dedicated in 1887 and continues to be the center of the life of Craigville Village, a community with deep historical roots in the Congregationalist camp meeting gatherings of the nineteenth century. Today, the Tabernacle and its community continue to remind us of the presence of God in our midst. Each summer, the Tabernacle is the site of regular worship services, two Catholic masses, weddings, and services of memorial. It also hosts community-building activities such as concerts, plays, conferences, retreats, and book exchanges.

This summer, our theme for worship at the Tabernacle is “Draw the Circle Wide.” We will be thinking about the ways in which we are called to expand our circle of concern to include all people.

As we carry on the rich traditions of the Tabernacle, we are also trying new things. In addition to Sunday worship, we offer other opportunities for gathering in community and deepening our relationship with God, including fellowship events like talent shows and board game nights, weekday morning prayer services, art and spirituality nights, and Bible study gatherings.

Children play an important role in our faith community. They are called to be People of God just as much as adults, and their presence and perspective adds freshness and energy to our prayer, worship, and service to the world. To help children participate in our community life of discipleship, services at the Tabernacle now include programs for youngsters. Before the readings, there is a Children’s message delivered for the young and young at heart. During the sermon, we offer special lessons and activities for children in the front room. Children of all ages are welcome to attend.

The Tabernacle’s activities are coordinated by the village’s Religious Activities and Tabernacle Committee, which is led by Rev. Joanne Hartunian. Our worship director and theologian in residence is Edward Dunar, a doctoral student in theology at Fordham University and a graduate of Harvard Divinity School. Our Chaplain is Kate McKey-Dunar, an Episcopal seminarian at Yale Divinity School. We are currently looking for a new worship director for next summer. You can find information about applying for this position here.